Collingwood Digital is a New Zealand based IT Managed Service Provider and Website & Software Development Agency.

We specialise in website development, managed cloud services, software & application development, digital design, and digital marketing services.




Our Mission

At Collingwood Digital, we are addressing a problem: Too many dreams are being grounded before they take flight.

In an industry where no formal qualification is required, IT service providers are charging call-out rates higher than doctors, lawyers and engineers for jobs that anyone with access to google could do.

The team at Collingwood Digital truly wants what is best for you. We want you to succeed because if you succeed, we succeed.

We will always give you a better deal, or a better service, wherever and whenever we can. That is our promise.

"Good for you, good for us." is the motto we live by.

Our Services

CFS Accelerate
Evan Seber, CEO
"Collingwood Digital have made my life significantly easier as a CEO.

Not only are they proficient with looking after IT infrastructure and services they also act as a virtual sales agent.

Any Startup or SME business which is interested in streamlining and growing sales should contact Collingwood Digital to help build customised websites, CRMs, sales templates, sales team monitoring, whilst offering state of the art tech out of the box solutions to help gain customers interests."

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